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About Me
My name is Nidal . I'm a 6-year-old boy.

My birthday is
December 13, 2017.



North East

My Story

LTU is launching a new brand new Child Sponsorship Program in NE Syria! This was made possible by collaborating with one of our American partners in Kurdistan, Iraq: Launch International.  Together we’ve connected with and come alongside a home school co-op that has 27 students and some really amazing teachers! 


This is different from our Rwanda program, because these children are not Christians but here at LTU we believe that they are still near and dear to the Father’s heart.  These kids have survived both war and genocide in their short little lifetimes. They are IDPs (Internally Displaced Peoples) whose families fled to the Kurdish cities of the north for safety in the past few years. (Refugees cross national borders, but IDPs are displaced within their own country.)  


Some of these kids had to leave their former lives behind to flee from ISIS, some escaped from their genocidal government’s chemical bombs and artillery used on civilians, and others from bombing campaigns and proxy wars between the USA, Russia, and Turkey.  They live in unofficial refugee settlements in an area with no government support for basic social institutions like schools and healthcare. 


They’ve been through so much and we have the privilege and the opportunity to help them start over and pick back up their education.  This sponsorship program is a $40/month recurring gift until the children graduate at a high school level or equivalent.  When they graduate they will be fluent in the reading and writing of 3 languages and math.  As the program progresses it may be possible to add additional subjects. 


It will differ from the Rwandan program in be launched in 3-phases. 


Phase One: will be in place from 1-17 children being sponsored.  Sponsorship gifts will go toward supporting the entire school and purchasing food for all of the children.  Fruit and crackers will be served to the students at school. 


Phase Two: 18-25 children sponsored.  A % of funds will begin to go directly to benefit your sponsored child, while the rest will go to supporting the school.  An occasional warm meal will be served to the students at school. 


Phase Three: 26-30+ children sponsored.  A larger % of funds will go directly for the benefit of your sponsored child and will cover just their portion of the school fees and overhead.  Regular hot meals will be provided to the children at school: 2xs a week or more.