Pakistani Follow Up


Thank You!!! For making our first-ever Pakistani Widow Blessing Project a HUGE Success!

I just wanted to take a moment to say 'Thank You!' to everyone who helped make this possible. 

This sweet mama's old, thatch roof was caving in and the local temperatures were climbing to a sweltering 115'F.  The heat in her home was unbearable. So LTU partnered with her church, who are the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities, to change that.

Instead of thatch, we were able to replace it with a proper steel and tile roof that will really help to keep things cool in her house for her and her little kiddos.  LTU also bought her some groceries (rice, wheat, oil, tea, and sugar) and her church donated a bed for her.  So tonight she wont' have to go to bed on the floor OR hungry and it will actually be cool enough to sleep.  Because of you!

So thank you to those who donated.  Thank you to those who prayed with us.  And thank you to the Global Church, for operating as different parts of the same body- for unity and blessing.  God bless you for your kindness.  And God Bless His Church in America and Pakistan!


Kendra Willard
Lift Them Up International