Mother's Day.


Happy (almost) Mother's Day!

This month we celebrate the mothers who brought us into this world, who remind us that they can also take us out of it (lol), and who love an encourage us on this journey called 'Life".  Thank you, Moms!

Widow Blessing Basket

Did you get busy and almost forget to get a gift?  Is she the type that would be super-blessed to know that someone else was blessed in her honor?  Or would you like to give a gift in loving memory of a mama who has passed on to heaven?  Purchase a Widow Blessing Basket through LTU for a widow mama in Rwanda.

A 1-time gift of $50 will equip a local church to bless a widow with a 3-month supply of food for her and her kiddos!  And if you purchase your gift before end of business Thursday, I'll get a beautiful card (pictured above) in the mail for you to give as a gift to your own sweet mama/ wife/ grandma/ mama-like person in your life, to let her know how together you are spreading the love of Jesus around the globe! 

Follow the link below to bless a widow (or 4!):

Purchase Widow Gift HERE
We're honored to have been featured in Central Christian College of Kansas' TODAY Newsletter.  It's a really great write-up on all of our programs, found on pg 11.  Click HERE to check it out!  Reuben and I are both CCC grads and are super blessed by their shout-out!
Also, if anyone is in or around Herrin, IL this coming Sunday, come out and see me at the Loft Church!  I'll be speaking at their evening service.  Check out their Facebook Page for times and more information at .  I'll be sharing about what we do at Lift Them Up, the prophecies and visions that have set our path; and signs, wonders, and miracles and we've seen along the way.  Hope to see you there!
Blessings on you as you go throughout the rest of this day and this week.  Blessings on all of the mothers out there!  And may you all be blessed, as you have been a blessing to others all around the world.

Kendra Willard