Missionary Partner in Midland!


We're excited to announce

Our Middle Eastern Ministry Partner is Coming to Midland This Week!

Mark your calendars, Midland Folks!  Ms. BJ is going to be here this next week to give us updates and insights into what God is doing in the Middle East through LTU and our partnership.

If you have ever given to our to our general fund or have specifically poured into our Bible project or relief work for Syrian Refugees, then you won't want to miss this.  

Or if you're like, "What? There are opportunities to legit spread the Good News in the Middle East?" Yes, yes there are! Come and find out more!

We're Hosting a Series of Events This Week

Check out the full schedule above or the series of graphics below for the specifics on each event:

  • Oct 10th, Middle East Ministry Presentation- a more formal, talk-show/presentation style event with Q&A at 7pm
  • Oct. 11th- Breakfast with a Missionary- a casual, family-friendly event with coloring pages for the kids
  • Oct. 11th- Missions Luncheon- casual, personable setting where you can ask questions 1 on 1, on your lunch break- we'll have maps!
  • Oct. 11th- Ladies Night Out- an intimate evening of sharing about life, love, war, and the call of God on all our lives as Women of Faith

All events will have opportunities for questions, comments, and time to chat.  We'll also take time to pour into Ms. BJ spiritually and financially.  She's barely a week off of a super-tough missions field and could use our encouragement!


We know you're busy, but we hope you can make it to one of these!  I'm so excited about the opportunities available to share the Good News in this place, despite all that is going on in the news.  And there's so much more that we can say in person than we can over the internet.

It's difficult.  BUT...it's possible, for one of the first times in modern history!  It's possible.  Some are called and are willing to go, but they must be sent. Maybe you'll plan a missions trip to work with BJ and serve alongside her sometime!  We all have a part to play.

#GiveServeSend  #OneChurch #OneBody #OneJob #LoveTheLost

Blessings on your week.  Give me a call or shoot me a text if you have any questions @ (620) 338-2732.