January 2019

Reuben and I Just Got Back From an LTU Exploratory Trip to Post-Genocide Iraq...

And and we have the most amazing opportunity!


To sow seeds of peace into a multicultural house school in Kurdistan/Northern Iraq where:

  • Muslims and Christians are learning together
  • Arabs and Kurds respect each other
  • And boys and girls are taught equally

This school is nothing short of miraculous.  God connected us to a teacher, who was at a park last Fall and noticed that there were many children not in school.  He asked them why? They said they were not in school because they were failing in English and Computer Science and they could not afford a tutor.  So this kind man, who works at a local university, said "Come to my house and I will teach you." 

In four short months, what started as a few kids... has turned into almost 30 enrolled and coming for lessons 4 times a week!

In this area, many of the kids are refugees, IDPs (internally displaced people), and others who's families have been financially ruined by economic sanctions from Baghdad. (Google "Kurdish Referendum" to learn more) 

I'm so excited!!  This is a divine opportunity to sow peace in the midst of war.  Love in the midst of hate.  Joy in the midst of sorrow.  And blessing in the midst of hardship.

This is where we need your help!  We need $500 to help them keep the doors open and to bless these precious children with nourishing fresh fruit.  We're working with a trusted US nonprofit partner in the region to make it happen and we hope that this peace offering will lead to more opportunities in future!

If you would like to join us in blessing this school, please click the button below!  It will take you to go to the 'Funds & Causes' page for this project on our website.  Or send a check with "Kurdish School Blessing" in the memo field.

Bless Kurdish School
Iraq has had a tumultuous history, with at least 2 genocides in the last 30 years:  Saddam's genocide against the Kurds (see Anfal Genocide) and the most recent committed by ISIS against the Yazidis, Christians, and many others.
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I'm a little behind from being out of the country, but am catching up!!!  Thank you for your grace in the process!  

God bless you for your kindness,

Kendra Willard
Lift Them Up International