2018 Annual Update


Our 2018 Annual Impact Report is Here and God is Moving in the Middle East.. and Beyond!

2018 was an amazing year here at LTU.  We saw growth in every program, by every metric, and in all the best ways.  We're so blessed to be a part of this movement and to see it expanding across the globe!
Click the picture below to read the PDF of our 2018 Impact Report! 

Thank you so much for partnering with us in these great works, that God has prepared in advance for us to walk in (Eph. 2:10)!  Looking over this report fills my heart with love and hope.  God's faithfulness is never ending and His love for His children is beyond measure.  What a blessing it is to partner with the North American Church to encourage, equip, and lift up the global Church.

If you'd like a physical copy in the mail, you can request on by emailing Kendra@LiftThemUp.org, subject "Please send me a 2018 Report", include your address in the body of the message, and I'l get one right out to you!


Fundraiser Update

Many of you heard about and came out to show your support at our recent fundraiser with Panda Express!  We had a good turnout, received 20% of the proceeds, sold about $300 worth of our Artisan Crafts, and received a corporate donation from Panda Express, which was very kind and unexpected!  It was a blessed time catching up with friends and the LTU family.  Thank you for your support  :)

Here's what's going on in Iraq

Tired of hearing all of the bad news on TV?  Let me share with you something good that is happening.  The Kurdish Miracle School is shining brighter than ever in it's sometimes dark and uncertain corner of the world.  Iraq has suffered 2 genocides in the past 30 years and is continually surrounded by wars and rumors of wars.  This school is working to break that cycle by providing hope, education, and kindness in an economically vulnerable region of Iraq.

Our partners opened this school to educate children who are not currently in school.  Last month they created a library.  And just this month, we've started serving meals there too!  This school is a symbol of unity and grace!  It serves Arabs, Kurds, Christians, Muslims, boys, and girls- together. 

Invite me to your church or community event to tell you more about this amazing opportunity and how you can be a part of it!  Or click the pictures below to donate directly.  We need $800 a month to keep this going!
Also in Iraq, LTU has partnered with a US-based NGO to help launch a small business for a Syrian refugee woman.  We will be selling these beautiful, handmade shawls soon out of our pop-up boutique and online store!  They have been made with love and will be shipped to you from Midland, TX.  Help us continue to inspire hope, change atmospheres, sow dignity, and LOVE well.

AND we have a partner that we started working with last December, whom we're equipping to host multiple weekly Bible Studies with Syrian refugees.  We're desperately in need of Bibles in Kurmaji!  If you or your small group can help purchase them, please contact me!  We have an amazing opportunity to be a blessing here.  There are new believers who want them, but they are hard to find and expensive ($40 each).

Here's what's going on in Pakistan

Our partners in Pakistan are truly amazing; bold and passionate.  It's been a blessing to help encourage and equip these Saints in one of the 'Top 5' most heavily persecuted countries on the planet (OpenDoorsUSA.org). 

To date, they've served almost 1,800 meals to children in their communities, held evangelism and prayer meetings, distributed coats to vulnerable children in the winter, and sooooo much more!  In these pictures they are celebrating Palm Sunday. 

They'd like to serve a big meal to their church for Resurrection Weekend- can you help them? What a beautiful way to say 'Thank You!' to Jesus for His sacrifice by pouring out your love on His bride, in a country where she is regularly persecuted for her faith. If this opportunity makes your heart leap with joy, you can donate by clicking the pictures below!  They need $400 to serve a meal to their 100s of believers.

Prayer Points for 2019

So that was a lot of information.  Are you shocked?  I'm a little shocked.  But here's how we need you to partner with us this month.  Join us in praying for:

  • More children to get sponsored in Rwanda and that they would step into their identities in Christ, because THESE will be the ones to 'go' someday
  • Divine provision, protection, and connections for our partners in Pakistan and Iraq
  • That LTU would continue to hear God clearly, go where He sends, rely on His provision, and never make decisions out of fear.  That we would continue to 'Love people and do the things', as Reuben says :)

This is an amazing time that we are living in full of unprecedented opportunities to love well and to serve well.  God bless you for your kindness and thank you for all that you do- in your homes, communities, nation, and beyond!

Sincerely and with great love,

Kendra Willard
Lift Them Up International