Rwanda Ministry and Sponsorship Tour

This summer we're taking some members of our LTU family to Rwanda to meet our partners, bless our kiddos, encourage our Churches, and to learn from the wisdom of our brothers and sisters in Rwanda. Support this trip by donating here!

Christina’s Going to Africa to Preach the Word

With Lift Them Up International in June!

Christina's traveling with Lift Them Up International to meet LTU’s partner church, Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship based in Kigali, Rwanda.  From Kigali, they will travel with church leadership to the 5 BCFC churches throughout Rwanda where Lift Them Up is focusing their charitable work: Gahanga, Kabuga, Burera, and Nyaraguru.  

LTU works to show the love of Christ to orphans and widows in post-genocide regions of the world.  Our goal is to encourage and equip local churches and to help them lift their people out of the extreme poverty that came in the wake of destruction folloing the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

 At each location, the team will:

They’ll also be:

Christina needs $3500 to make this possible.  Please consider partnering with Lift Them Up to help send our sister to shine the Light of Christ in this once dark place.  A tax-deductible gift may be made here.