Middle East Sponsorship


Additional Information

Because every nation the situation and needs of their people is different, this sponsorship “package” will look different from the Rwandan one for a while.  Instead of putting kids into a public school, there are NO public schools, zero government support or social infrastructure and we’re starting from the ground up.   

At first, your funds will go to support the entire school.  But as more children get sponsored, more of your funds will begin going toward the individual support of your child.  Once everyone in the school is sponsored, an even larger % of the funds will go directly toward supporting your child individually like with shoes, extra food sent home, medical care, etc.  At that point, we will be able to roll out a more comprehensive “care package” for all of the kiddos! 

This program will go forward in 3 Phases: 

Phase 1:  1-17 Children Sponsored 

Your sponsorship funds will go toward overhead for the entire school so that all 27 children in the school can continue in their education: rent, teacher salaries, school supplies (books, pencils, craft supplies), electricity, etc.  It will also help with snacks for all of the children.   

Phase 2:  18-25 Children Sponsored 

Same as above but with increased regularity of nutritious snacks for all of the kids + some items for your child like vitamins, dried food, hygiene supplies. 

Phase 3: 26-30 Children Sponsored 

Same as above but with nutritious meals served regularly at school AND more individual help going to your child, like fuel for a heater in the winter, school t-shirts, etc.